Sunday, January 30, 2011

the Great Gatsby sketchbook

The Great Gatsby sketchbook

Inspired by the ongoing movie news, I have recently reread the classic novel
by F. Scott Fitzgerald and started a few drawings while listening to an audio version (sketching while listening to any kind of radio drama can be a wonderful experience).  I have cropped the frames to both wide screen and cinematic proportions. I will continue to post as I proceed.


  1. Shared a link to your FB album "Great Gatsby Sketchbook" on my "Everything Gatsby" Pinterest board. Created the following custom URL as referral for your FB album (

    Luhrmann's crew endorsed my Pinterest board ( on their "Bazmark - The Great Gatsby" FB Page!

    THANKS for sharing your wonderful sketches!

  2. Thanks for sharing your complete Gatsby Sketchbook on Facebook.

    I've shared links to your album and various sketches on my "Everything Gatsby" Pinterest Board which has been endorsed by Baz Luhrmann's crew on Facebook (Bazmark - The Great Gatsby).