Thursday, January 6, 2011

'matte' background

 composite 'matte painting'
A background 'matte-painting' for a short film in production. This was composed of eleven picture files. The foreground 'live action' will be filmed with actors on a green screen set. I'll be doing more of these.


  1. Hey Mac
    Nice. I'd forgotten about this. what constraints does doing this kind of thing impose (size, resolution, RGB/CMYK colour)? Where'd the images come from? Were they supplied, or did you have to find them yourself? Did you have to do any retouching?
    Nice looking background...I'd like to see more like this sometime.

  2. Thanks, Gee
    This assignment was a lot of fun. The client had their own set of specs for their usage, which I followed. The image files I just 'trolled' for, copyright free. My retouching skills can only be described as 'adequate/workable'.
    One of the stock home pages offered by iGoogle features a composite mountain-scape which is like a scene from Lord of the Rings. It's just awesome! You should check it out.
    Yes, I'm going to do more of these.